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Ancient Coins - Greek Coins - Attica

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Attika, Zentralgriechenland, Tetrachdrachme, ca. 449-413, Kopf der Athena mit Helm nach rechts, Rs. Eule, den Kopf nach vorn, links oben Olivenzweig und Mondsichel im Quadratum incusum, Sear 2526, Szaivert/Sear 2690, 16,98 Gramm, sehr schön

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Attic, Central Greece, Tetrachdrachme, approximate 449-413, head of Athena with helmet to the right, at back. Owl, the head forwards, left above olive branch and crescent in the square incuse, Sear 2526, Szaivert / Sear 2690, 16, 98 Gram, very fine

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