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Alexius I. Comnenus, 1081-1118 Elektrum-Histamenon, Thessalonika vor 1092, Büste Christi von vorn mit Kreuznimbus, Rs. St. Demetrius und Alexius halten mittig das Patriarchen-Langkreuz, Sear 1905, Sommer 59.8, Friedberg 272, 4,39 Gramm, sehr schön.

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Alexius I. Comnenus, 1081-1118 electrum Histamenon, Thessalonica before 1092, bust christi from the front with cross nimbus, at back. St. Demetrius and Alexius hold centered the patriarch long cross, Sear 1905, summer 59.8, Friedberg 272, 4, 39 Gram, very fine.

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