Bidding and buying made easy

A little guide for our customers

Bidding and buying at auction is much easier than you might think. With this guide, we would like to give you some explanations and a flowchart, and invite you to participate in an auction, whether you are thinking of bidding in writing, placing a bid online, or watching the action in person in the auction room.


The catalog

The basis of your bid must first be the detailed study of the auction catalog. This is available to you as a convenient online catalog or as a clear print edition. Our catalogs are among the most elaborate editions internationally. Almost every single lot is illustrated in full color. In addition, our online catalog often shows you the reverse side as well as existing certificates and attestations.


The auction description

The descriptions of our experts are acknowledged to be detailed and leave hardly any questions unanswered. Of course, our auction team is always available for supplementary questions before the auction to support your decision. Forms for consignments on approval to our long-standing regular customers and for photocopy requests can be found in our catalog or in the form center.


Our comprehensive testing service - your safety

We have effectively limited the risks of forgery and manipulation in our offerings. Almost every single lot in our auctions and many items in collections have previously been thoroughly examined and certified or provided with photo findings by us and by members of the Association of Philatelic Examiners or the AIEP. This very elaborate service not only gives you maximum security, but also relieves you of time-consuming and costly re-examinations.

Please compare our offers with those of other market participants, can you expect the same there or will you be burdened with effort and testing costs?


Personal viewing

All auctioned goods are available for personal, detailed viewing for two weeks prior to the auction. For exact times and dates, please refer to the inspection schedule. You will be unobtrusively accompanied by our trained viewing staff on over 1000 square meters of exhibition space. In addition to very good, colorful lighting of the inspection rooms, we offer you a lot of space and comfort on about 100 inspection seats. In our in-house, well-ventilated cafeteria we serve you, of course free of charge, various cooled soft drinks, coffee and tea. Unfortunately, due to labor and fire safety regulations, smoking is not allowed in our business premises.


The starting price

Our starting prices are not estimated prices, but call prices, which are usually set very low and are often increased many times over in the course of the auction, especially for collections and lots. The purpose of an auction is to let the market participants set the prices.


Your bid

You can submit your bid in writing or by fax. You will find corresponding forms in the auction catalog. You can download the auction bid forms from our form center. Registered customers of our company also have the possibility to place their bids very conveniently online. Please make use of the possibilities offered by our HBA customer area.

Before bidding, you will receive your personal bidder number with which you can participate in the auction event.

Let yourself be captured by the atmosphere that only a floor auction can provide. After a short time you will become familiar with the customs in the hall. A lot number display will not let you down even if you were absent for a short visit to our cafeteria.

You should base the amount of your bid on market conditions. We recommend that you use catalogs and results reports from our archives, for example, to determine an approximate market price for your chosen collectible. Please understand that we cannot accept underbids that fall below the starting price by more than 10%.

This is also important: Your bid is a binding order to the auctioneer to buy a lot from the current auction offer. The bidder is bound to his bid for up to four weeks after the auction. In contrast to some online auctions, there is no provision for bid cancellation or retraction at floor auctions


Your invoice

After successful knockdown you will receive an invoice from us, which must be paid in advance. The invoice is due immediately and without deduction. On the hammer price auction fees of 22%, in case of shipment shipping and transport insurance costs as well as on the commission and fees the value added tax (currently 19%) are due. After receipt of payment your lots will be sent to you immediately. We are also happy to supply long-time regular customers of our company on account. If you are present in person, you can of course take your lots with you immediately after paying in cash. We reserve the right to accept checks.


Collection, shipping and insurance

Our modern structured shipping department ensures a smooth delivery of the valuable auction goods. Security, a stable and neutral packaging are our priority over a hasty shipment. Countless positive feedbacks from collectors and dealers have encouraged us. The collection of even the largest items is massively facilitated by our in-house freight elevator with loading ramp and our dedicated staff.

Our shipping is done in Germany by DHL Deutsche Post AG and exclusively by postal package. Please understand that another form of shipment or uninsured shipping is not possible for liability reasons. We will charge you a flat rate for shipping between € 4.00 and € 15.00, depending on the size and value of the auctioned item. This amount also includes a flat packaging fee. For a small fee of 1.25 per mille of the invoice amount, your shipment is sufficiently insured by us against loss.


Your satisfaction is important to us

A rating, as is usual with some online auction platforms, does not exist in this form with us. However, we are very pleased if you were satisfied with our offers and our service. We would like to count you among our regular customers in the future. If something did not work out to your satisfaction, please do not hesitate to inform us. We will try to find a solution together with you.