The Northern States Collection in the Fall Auction

We are very pleased to announce the auction of the unique Northern States collection from the possession of a long-time HBA customer, as part of our fall auction 2022.

This top object, consisting of the popular northern states of Hamburg, Lübeck and Schleswig-Holstein, includes a very good unused and additionally used stamp collection with many wonderful quality pieces and special features such as colors, units, wonderful letter pieces, varieties and plate errors, as well as a very extensive collection of rare letters and postal stationery, which have been collected in many folders at great financial expense.

The collector attached great importance to rare and beautiful cancellations, his selection especially with Schleswig-Holstein inspires very much.

This top object of Old Germany philately is completely checked with innumerable photoattests and many findings.

We thank our good customer for the consignment.


The "Rudolf Eisele" collection in autumn at HBA

We are very pleased to announce today the auction of the important "Rudolf Eisele" collection, occupation issues in WW II from Albania to Zara, Sudetenland from Asch to Rumburg as well as German field and island mail in 180 albums with greatest rarities.

This very valuable object was collected in many decades by Mr. Eisele knowledgeable and at high financial cost. You will find in this 180-volume collection on self-designed pages a philatelic offer of the absolute top class. Mr. Eisele always attached great importance to the impeccable condition of his stamps. The catalog value of the stamp collection is in the high six-figure range.
The object contains an excellent offer of examined, often with photo certificate, stamp and souvenir sheet issues as well as rarest frankings and many beautiful luxury covers. Mr. Eisele has devoted himself, among other things intensively to the areas of France, all Eastern territories and Sudetenland with magnificent pieces. His Sudetenland collection is in a class of its own.
Each volume contains an outstanding selection of all possible place cancellations, innumerable letters, picture postcards, postcards, among other things East Prussia field post, package addresses, airmail covers, R-letters, insured letters, postal forms, etc.

We are auctioning this great collection completely untouched in one lot as part of our 80th International Stamp and Coin Auction, November 10-12, 2022.

Please allow plenty of time to view this collection.

We thank Mr. Eisele for his great confidence and the auction contract.

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